What makes for a safe and usable divider system?

Acrylic (aka plexiglass) panels are seen everywhere, but they aren’t all the same, and may not be providing you the protection necessary. See below what makes for a truly safe and usable divider system.

Design Element / FeatureSmart Spacers™Other Dividers
Thinner acrylic so people can hear through panels.Mark-Green-CheckMark-Red-X
Safety Overhang™ for true protection.Mark-Green-CheckMark-Red-X
Surface protection to avoid scratch and scuffs on finished surfaces (e.g., conference tables).Mark-Green-CheckMark-Red-X
Metal connection points that can actually be cleaned and disinfected easily.Mark-Green-CheckMark-Red-X
Airflow blocked at panel connections.Mark-Green-CheckMark-Red-X
Acrylic panels appropriate height.Mark-Green-CheckMark-Red-X
Strong, Lightweight, Durable design.Mark-Green-CheckMark-Red-X
Decorator friendly for table numbering, and decorations.Mark-Green-CheckMark-Red-X
Precision manufactured / customized in the USA.Mark-Green-CheckMark-Red-X
Design facilitates fastest setup per panel.*Mark-Green-CheckMark-Red-X
Elegant design that fits any setting.Mark-Green-CheckMark-Red-X
Accommodates couples sitting together.Mark-Green-CheckMark-Red-X
Design accommodates table surface variations.**Mark-Green-CheckMark-Red-X

* For large systems that seat at least 5 people.

** Many tables are not completely flat, and traditional divider systems will rock. Smart Spacers™ can accommodate a greater amount of table variation while remaining stable.