Thank you for your interest in using Smart Spacer® to protect workers. To supplement government stimulus programs with additional discounts, please follow this link to visit the Smart Spacer® store and your discounts will automatically apply.


– Based on CDC Guidelines, increasing “Engineering Controls”, such as barriers/dividers to protect employees and customers are amongst the “most impactful” ways to protect
– Special supplement discounts in place through March 31, 2021 to aid business recovery

March 18, 2021 — WESTLAKE VILLAGE, CA – Starting today, Tech Minded is giving additional assistance to U.S. based businesses comply to with President Biden’s recent executive order on protecting worker health and safety. Smart Spacer® table divider systems are “Engineering Controls” (aka barriers) which according to CDC guidelines, are one of the most impactful ways to protect employees. Helping to meet the need for worker and customer safety, Smart Spacer® products will be available through March 31, 2021 with additional discounts to supplement government stimulus programs.

Nearly invisible, Smart Spacers® use unique, patent-pending technology to bring strength and rigidity to the lightest, best thought out acrylic table divider systems on the market. A Safety Overhang™ provides true protection by eliminating an innate desire for people to lean around traditional dividers. Smart Spacer® hardware allows for the use of thinner acrylic panels which make it far easier to speak and hear others. This compared to the thicker panels of traditional acrylic dividers or sneeze guards, which cuts out 40-70% more sound. Smart Spacers® have special features for restaurants, hotels, conference rooms, assisted living and more.

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has recently launched new guidelines for worker health/safety and enforcement, including a national emphasis program focusing on protection methods, as well as enforcement efforts and protections for “whistle blowers.” OSHA is specifically calling out the need for protections, and “use of barriers between and at work stations, in lunchrooms, in break areas, and in other common areas such as classrooms or conference rooms.”

“Smart Spacers® are the ultimate table divider for any table. And the only table divider system specifically designed for a wide variety of uses specifically addressing all types of tables, uses, and applications. OSHA and the CDC have long explained how important barriers are in protecting people. And now, with more and more people venturing out, the need is even greater,” said Neil Ticktin, CEO of Tech Minded. “In many cases, Smart Spacers® are the only solution for a type of table or use that an organization has – and that means real solutions for providing a safe environment.”

Smart Spacers® not only are barriers to protect, but they also qualify as an appropriate use of funds from assorted stimulus packages including PPP, PPP2, and the most recent American Rescue Plan. Special pricing is available to the public for any version ordered by March 31, 2021.

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