Smart Spacer® for Round Conference Tables


Smart Spacers® are not only the ultimate divider solution for all types of tables, they are the only divider solution that protect a conference table surface, and designed for round tables seating more than 4 people (all the way up to 8), creating a safe environment for people to sit and even eat together. Each system includes aluminum hardware, and acrylic panels.

Standard Smart Spacers® include a panel holder, and Professional versions include both a clamp and the panel holder to give you a choice for each situation you use. Unique, patent-pending design allows for thinner panels to make it much easier to talk than conventional divider solutions. Choose your size for additional details.

Reminder: If you choose one of the Professional versions with clamps, please sure to take the time to measure your table, including the thickness for clamps. This is critical for the proper design and fit. Contact customer support in advance of ordering to discuss options.

This Smart Spacer® size has SIX to EIGHT 24" high panels -- which, when used on the intended size, not only reaches across the table (2 panels, connected at the center rod), but also has 12" of critical safety overhang off the end of the table. The round Smart Spacer® may also be used for smaller or larger tables as well if more or less overhang is desired.