An Amazing Transport Case.

Not only is Smart Spacer® a great solution for social distancing while remaining social, but we want you to have a way to store and transport the Smart Spacer® efficiently between uses. As easy to store as it is to set up, the Smart Spacer storage system takes into consideration your needs whether you are storing a few Smart Spacers, or dozens of them.

Compact, Flat, and Stackable.

Made to be as space-efficient as possible, while protecting your Smart Spacer, the Smart Spacer Transport Case is made of high-density polyethylene plastic shells, with custom cut foam inside. There’s enough room for acrylic panels with a foam sheet between each panel to protect the plexiglass.  Depending on your model, you can store different amounts in each transport case, but regardless of quantity, the “finger hole” cut out makes it easy to put in, and take out, the panels.

For example, shown here, this one case can hold three full sets of 6-panel, medium-sized, clampless Smart Spacers® including the hardware. 18 panels in all, along with 3 full sets of hardware and panel holders. Loaded, the case is approximately 130 pounds (less than the 150 pound limit many people honor).  Cases have wheels and premium hardware.

Main Box
Main Box

Premium Handles, Wheels and Straps.

A case is only as good as the hardware that holds it all together. Adjustable nylon web straps with solid plastic buckles make closing a snap. Steel spring-loaded “bail” handles are cushioned, and automatically hide away for ease-of-use. And 3 inch recessed skate wheels make it easy to roll even a heavy load. 


Weighing in at approximately 30 pounds, including the foam but no contents, cases are approximately 51″ long, 26″ wide, and 6″ deep. 

Main Box