Smart Spacer® Table Dividers for Round Tables

An Amazing Storage System.

Not only is Smart Spacer® a great solution for social distancing while remaining social, but we want you to have a way to store the Smart Spacer® efficiently between uses. As easy to store as it is to set up, the Smart Spacer storage system takes into consideration your needs whether you are storing a single Smart Spacer, or dozens of them.

Compact, Flat, and Stackable.

Made to be as space-efficient as possible, while protecting your Smart Spacer.  These boxes are made of heavy-duty corrugated, with plenty of crush and corner protection not just for shipping, but for storage.  With the Smart Spacer® storage system just 3" thick, they don't take up a lot of space. You can even stand them on edge, or stack them up to store efficiently.

Main Box
Main Box

Easy to Load and Unload.

The top load system avoids sliding acrylic sheets in, and is far easier to load and unload.  To help protect the acrylic sheets between uses, you'll find a layer of foam is placed between each acrylic sheet. We've even added finger holes to make it quick and easy to load and unload acrylic sheets.

Main Box Open
Main Box Open
Main Box Open
Main Box Open

Parts Organizer: Each Part Protected and Easy to Inventory

The parts for the Smart Spacer are simple -- and the parts organizer makes it easy to not only protect the parts between use,  but also know that you have an everything as you put the system away.  Each part has its place in the organizer to quickly visually check.

Parts Storage
Parts Storage
Parts Storage

Additional Details (internal)

Main box comes in 3 sizes


Main Box Dimensions

Acrylic Sheet Tray — Design Accommodates Three Sizes

Each sheet of acrylic needs protection from corner and other damage. An end cap with finger slot goes at each end of the plexi.  The open end cap design allows for the acrylic sheets to be wider, so long as at the same 24″ high.  The tray lays into the caps providing bottom support as well as support at the “top” and “bottom” of the acrylic sheet (when oriented like the pictures).  The tray comes perforated to fold up at the size, and to cut away for the three sizes of acrylic.

End Cap
End Caps
Tray in Box
Tray Before Manipulation
Tray Perfs
Tray Perfs Closeup