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Acrylic Panels (aka Plexiglass)

Thinner Plexi (Acrylic) Panels = Easier to Talk.

Only Smart Spacer's patent-pending system enables the use of thinner acrylic making it much easier to talk than any other divider. In fact, because all other dividers need to be thicker just to stand up, they also cut 40-70% more sound (or even more).

Safety Overhang for True Protection.

Smart Spacers® have a Safety Overhang for True Protection -- a substantial amount of panel overhangs beyond the edge of the table allowing people to freely, and more easily, talk to those on each side of them while sitting at the table. With this extension off the edge of the table, there's no "line" in the middle of someone's face, and therefore, no desire to lean back around the protective acrylic panel.

This compared to other table dividers which have a critical flaw that keeps them from effectively performing their primary duty -- creating a barrier between personal spaces. The flaw? To save costs, other table dividers have panels only go to the edge of the table. The end result is that people simply lean back around the edge -- it's not their fault, it's human nature.

Clampless Design: The Ultimate Flexibility.

Clampless versions of the Smart Spacers® are able to be freestanding. As the only product of its type built with thinner, lightweight plexiglass, the design makes it not only easier to set up, but you can even lift the entire system off the table (e.g., for a quick tablecloth change or to move to another table).

Even with all the panels installed, the Smart Spacer® is designed to act as one unit. For example, if the Smart Spacers® is properly assembled and fully tightened, one can even pick it up and shake it without the panels coming apart. By contrast, all other table dividers either require clamps, use adhesive to stick the divider to the table or have limited protection.

Smart Spacers® with the clampless design are available on any of the single rod Smart Spacers® systems.

Find the Size that Fits You Best.

See all the clampless versions here.

Meticulously designed.

Flexible to the core, Smart Spacer systems are designed with all the detail necessary to meet your needs.



Designed to assemble quickly in as little as 5-6 minutes for a six panel system.  And, stow it away even quicker!

Safety Overhang™

A substantial amount of overhang beyond the edge of the table allows you to freely, and more easily, talk to people on each side of you.

Multiple Sizes & Designs

The right size and partitions for your needs.  A variety of sizes, as well as six and eight panel systems available.

Better Sound: Easy to Talk

Smart Spacer's patent-pending system uses thinner acrylic making it easier to talk than traditional dividers.

Strong, Lightweight

The core of the system is made of aircraft grade aluminum to give the acrylic panels the rigidity they need.

Flexible Design

Smart Spacers can be used on any surface, and the design allows you to use as few as 3 panels.

Precision Manufactured

Smart Spacer's rods and caps are machined within 5/1000ths of an inch -- just a bit more than a human hair.

Quality By Design

Smart Spacers were designed with the user in mind, with quality, simplicity, and ease as the focus of product details.

Simple, Elegant Design.
Fast Setup.

Whether you are setting this up once and leaving it set up, or you set it up, and then store it after use, the Smart Spacer is simple and fast to setup and store.  In as little as 5 minutes for two people working together, and under 10 minutes if one person is setting up alone, setting up is a quick and sensible process.

Smart Spacer® Base


Heavy Duty Clamps


Smart Spacer® Cap
with Decorator Holes


Rounded Acrylic Corners


At the center of it all…

Smart Spacer®
Rod, Base and Cap Assembly

The clamps that come with your Smart Spacer® system will fit tables that are 1/4” to 1.6” thick at the edge where clamps are placed. If you have a table with a different thickness, contact customer support in advance of ordering to discuss options.

See just how quickly a Smart Spacer® goes together…

Nearly Invisible.

The beauty of Smart Spacer is that it's simple to understand and use. But the most striking aspect of the Smart Spacer, when you see it in person, is that it's such a clean design, it almost disappears.

See for yourself: Can you see all the acrylic panels? Drag the sliders to show artificially highlighted panel edges.

A Variety of Shapes and Sizes.

The Smart Spacer is extremely flexible in design and will accommodate a variety of table shapes and sizes, as well as other types of installations. With incredible support for round tables, the Smart Spacer is available in three sizes of six-partition systems, with the largest size also available in an eight-partition version.

Best practices for table dividers include a substantial amount of overhang beyond the edge of the table — and Smart Spacers™ have that feature at the core of the design.  Simply put, just choose your table size and you’ll see information for your choice.

Click to choose your desired table size:

For 60" Round Tables

Medium Size: 24″ x 42″ Acrylic Panels

This size has 24″ high by 42″ panels — which reach 84″ across the table (2 x 42″ = 84″). For a 60″ table, this will have 12″ of overhang off the end of the table. This medium size may also be used for smaller tables as well if additional overhang is desired, or larger tables if less overhang is desired.


For 72" and Larger Round Tables

Large Size: 24″ x 48″ Acrylic Panels

This size has 24″ high by 48″ panels — which reach 96″ across the table (2 x 48″ = 96″). For a 72″ table, this will have 12″ of overhang off the end of the table. This larger size may also be used for smaller tables as well if additional overhang is desired.


For Smaller Round Tables (or No Overhang on 60")

Small Size: 24″ x 36″ Acrylic Panels

This size has 24″ high by 36″ panels — which reach 72″ across the table (2 x 36″ = 72″). For a 54″ table, this will have 9″ of overhang off the end of the table, and a 48″ table would have 12″ of overhang. This small size may also be used for even smaller tables as well if additional overhang is desired, or larger tables if less overhang is desired.


Flexibile Panel Usage.

Core to the Smart Spacer® design is stability, with support provided by the rod, base and cap assembly at the center. Not only does this give the Smart Spacer® inherent strength, it also gives the option of removing some of the panels.  Provided that you've secured the Smart Spacer® with clamps, you can remove up to all but 3 panels on the six-partition system.

See examples (shown without panel overhang for simplicity). 

What's your next step?

Learn more about the Smart Spacer®, or click the Buy button to order now.


Choose your model.

Smart Spacers come in multiple shapes and sizes.

For round tables, there's small, medium, and large sizes, typically for round tables that are 48-54", 60-66", and 72+", respectively. The large version comes in both a six-partition and eight-partition versions. See additional information about dimensions and sizes in the Variety of Shapes and Sizes section.

For rectangular and conference tables there's also options to get the ultimate table divider system. Multiple versions for 6 and 8 foot tables, as well as special configurations for conference tables are available. See additional information about dimensions and sizes in the Rectangular and Conference Tables section.

Or, simply choose your version from one of the choices in the Smart Spacer® store.

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