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Flexibile Panel Usage.

Core to the Smart Spacer® design is stability, with support provided by the rod, base and cap assembly at the center. Not only does this give the Smart Spacer® inherent strength, it also gives the option of removing some of the panels.  Provided that you've secured the Smart Spacer® with clamps, you can remove up to all but 3 panels on the six-partition system.

See examples (shown without panel overhang for simplicity). 

Freedom to be Creative.

Decorator Friendly

The Smart Spacer® is easy to decorate, and because it’s aluminum and clear acrylic, it matches all color schemes. There are even “Decorator holes” in the top cap for lightweight (only) attachment.

Creative Lighting

Because acrylic sheets transmit light so well, you can use them to your advantage by uplighting the sheets. Or, get creative in outlining the edges. 

Decorator Features

01. Decorator Holes

02. Edge Lighting

03. Removable Panels

04. Works with All Colors

05. Almost Invisible

What's your next step?

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Choose your model.

Smart Spacers come in multiple shapes and sizes.

For round tables, there's small, medium, and large sizes, typically for round tables that are 48-54", 60-66", and 72+", respectively. The large version comes in both a six-partition and eight-partition versions. See additional information about dimensions and sizes in the Variety of Shapes and Sizes section.

For rectangular and conference tables there's also options to get the ultimate table divider system. Multiple versions for 6 and 8 foot tables, as well as special configurations for conference tables are available. See additional information about dimensions and sizes in the Rectangular and Conference Tables section.

Or, simply choose your version from one of the choices in the Smart Spacer® store.

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