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In Brief

Smart Spacer®

A one-of-a-kind solution that goes beyond conventional plexiglass dividers:

The patent-pending Smart Spacer® divider system allows people to be together, and even eat together, while still being safely divided into one’s own space as desired.

60″ Banquet Table Shown with 6-Person Clampless Smart Spacer®

The ultimate table divider solution.

The only divider for round tables seating 5+ people.

The only one using THIN plexiglass making it much easier to talk.

Smart Spacer® Hero Centered

Smart Spacer®

A one-of-a-kind solution that goes beyond conventional plexiglass dividers:

The patent-pending Smart Spacer® divider system allows people to be together, and even eat together, while still being safely divided into one’s own space as desired.

Round Tables.

Smart Spacers® aren’t just the ultimate table divider, they are the only one specifically designed for round tables seating up to 8 people. The patent-pending design handles a variety of sizes and configurations — including sitting for couples, and a variety of standard sized round tables.

Best practices for table dividers include a substantial amount of overhang beyond the edge of the table — and Smart Spacers® have the Safety Overhang™ feature at the core of the design. 

Explore these sizes, and ask if you need a different configuration. Click on your desired size:

Our round table designs accommodate round conference tables as well.

Meticulous Design.
Unique Features.
Quality to the Core.

Thin Plexi = Easier to Talk

By using thinner acrylic, Smart Spacers® are much easier to talk/hear through. Traditional systems have to use thicker plexi and cut out 40-70% more sound.

Safety Overhang™

Where traditional systems stop at the table's edge, Smart Spacers®' Safety Overhang™ provides true protection.

Easy to Assemble

Fast to assemble. Watch us set up a Smart Spacer® in real-time, unedited. Actual assembly time: about 2 1/2 minutes.

Clampless Versions

Clampless versions are lightweight and liftable. See the "shake test" when you watch us put together a Smart Spacer® on video on the Smart Spacer® web site.

Nearly Invisible

With thin acrylic, and rounded corners, Smart Spacers® are nearly invisible. Note: outlines artificially added to highlight edges.

Precision Manufactured

Made in the USA from aircraft-grade aluminum, Smart Spacers® are a durable, precision product. 6-panel center rod, base and panels shown.

So Flexible.
So Many Uses.

Conference Tables

Smart Spacers® are flexible enough to handle virtually any width or length, and even thicker tables, and unlike traditional dividers, are designed to avoid scratching.

Portable / Folding Tables

Whether a folding or portable table, you can seat 4 safely with clampless version, and seat up to 6 with clamped versions.

Restaurants and Banquet

48-72" Rounds. Seat up to 8 people. Can remove panels for couples. Clampless and Pro versions available.

Celebrate in Style

Designed to be Decorator Friendly, the cap has "Decorator Holes". Useful in attaching table numbers to the top and other uses.

Offices: Protect Your Team

Protect your team while giving them enough space to be comfortable. Only Smart Spacers® have the Safety Overhang™ and padding to protect your table surfaces.

Multi-Household Dining

Systems are designed to use some or all of the panels for ultimate flexibility for households to sit together. "Couples" versions available.


Designed to "simply disappear," your team can easily have discussions, even through multiple panels.

Round Conference Tables

Clampless and clamped versions fit a variety of sizes. Only Smart Spacers® are designed for round tables, and padding to protect surfaces.

Illumination Possibilities

Interested in lighting? Acrylic has interesting light characteristics, and Smart Spacers® have gaps in the right places to enable ones creativity.

Social/Couples Events

Every Smart Spacer® can accommodate couples, and those from the same household, so they can sit together. Simply use the panels you need.

Executive Offices

Whether wood, glass, metal or stone, Smart Spacers® can handle all types of table materials and surfaces (even thick tables).

Meeting Tables

The divider is there, but effectively disappears. Thin acrylic is the key to the Smart Spacer® design.

Nearly Invisible.

The beauty of Smart Spacer is that it's simple to understand and use. But the most striking aspect of the Smart Spacer, when you see it in person, is that it's such a clean design, it almost disappears.

See for yourself: Can you see all the acrylic panels? Drag the sliders to show artificially highlighted panel edges.

Customers Agree.

“The Smart Spacers® product is great! We’ve been using the Smart Spacers® all over the place, constantly moving them around for months. I’m so pleased with how robust the product has been and continues to be. And on top of it, Smart Spacers® customer service really came through for us — going above and beyond in not only getting us our initial order, but also anything else we needed after. Thanks for the terrific solution!”

Jacob Campbell

Health and Safety Supply Manager, Apple Studios

“For our school, the only way we could fit everyone in while keeping everyone safe was to use barriers. When choosing a solution, it was clear that a lot more thought and effort went into the Smart Spacers® design compared to other products we purchased prior, or even looked at. The quality made a big difference, and yet was still priced competitively. Not only did each table’s system assembled quickly and smoothly, but everything is really solid and feels like a permanent solution (but that can be easily removed). We needed the right solutions, and fast – the Smart Spacers® team was attentive to our needs, solved problems, and was proactive to keep things on track for us.”

Michael Knight

School Business Administrator, Greater Lowell Technical High School

60 second Time Lapse Video:
Watch a Smart Spacer® install and shake test!

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